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ca-sme.org | 2016-11-09

CASME is a national wide, cross-industry and non-profitable organization. Our members are small and medium enterprises from all over the country. It was established in Beijing and announced to the public on December 11, 2006. It was sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission, and was support and approved by the State Council. In 2009, CASME is awarded the national AAAA-level social organization the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Small and medium enterprises has developed and expanded constantly and become an important force for national economy and social development since the reform and opening up. Small and medium enterprises have played a more and more important role in the prosperity of the economy, the increase of the employment, the promotion of the innovation, the improvement of people’s live hood. The promotion of the development of small and medium enterprise is important to people’s live hood and social stability.

Members of CASME include the small and medium enterprises from different industries and areas, the large enterprises that pay attention to and support small and medium enterprises, the service institutions for small and medium enterprises, the social organizations for small and medium enterprises, etc. By March, 2010, the Association had owned 150,000 members, including 208 group members, 148,000 indirect members and 1,213 direct members. Distributing in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, members of the Association cover various industries, such as manufacturing, finance, service, electricity, supply of gas and water, wholesaling and retailing. In 2007, the Association established the Yangtze River Delta Service Center and the Pearl River Delta Service Center in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively in succession and formed the nationwide working network generally by uniting 120 associations (promotion societies and federations) of small and medium (private) enterprises at provincial, municipal and county levels.

We will hold Small and Medium Enterprises Festival each year. Each time we will chose a different city in China. At the same time we will hold the festival with local government together. We have successfully held four times Small and Medium Enterprises Festival in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Dalian. Each time we will chose different topics. We have chosen topics such as financing, low-carbon and so on. We have ourselves brand activities. We will hold nearly 20 lectures each year, during the lectures the successful enterprisers will talk about their enterprises and their experience about managing companies. We will have experts to help companies to analyze problems and difficulties they existed. Then help them to find methods to resolve them.

Our association is the bridge between SME and the government. We will reflect the needs and wants of SME, at the same time protect the legal rights of SME. We will help SME to enhance their competition ability, by providing them with the services such as growth consulting, business training and so on. We are the window. We will help SME to Move-out and to Bring-in. we will establish information platform for small and medium enterprises, collect and release various kinds of information needed by small and medium enterprise.